Where Are They Now?

This is a list of Hap's colleagues that was last updated in 2006. We have decided to leave it that way.
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Aaron Edwards Carter B. Smith
Dan Sorkin Frank Dill
Ginny Prior Jim Lange
Lon Simmons Mike Cleary
Ronnie Schell Russ Hodges

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Aaron Edwards


"The years that I spent working closely with Don Sherwood on KSFO, (the program was called "The Sherwood Affair"), were, without question, one of the highlights of my 47 years in Radio and Television. Hap Harper was one of the people who made a large contribution to the success of The Sherwood Affair, and often had us breaking up with gales of uncontrollable laughter. For 26 years I worked at KSFO, and when the station was sold in 1983, I became what was called "a general reporter" for KGO, (Channel 7), the ABC-owned television station in San Francisco, and I stayed there until I retired in 1991. Do I miss the excitement, all the fun and the laughs??? I surely do. I live on the peninsula now, and travel whenever possible, but the wonderful memories do help a great deal to keep one going."

Hap's Comment - "Don would have said,
'Hey Aaron, prunes would work too.'"

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Carter B. Smith


Carter B. was an important part of the Don Sherwood Show, and was Super Frog in the "Super Frog" series, and after Don, he had his own show, much to the delight of his many radio fans.

Where is he now?

In the mornings Carter can be seen at the foot of freeway off-ramps in Marin - holding a sign reading:

Hap's Comment - "This is 'typical,' and what you'd expect from Carter. We've been good friends for years, and fortunately, some things never change."

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Dan Sorkin

Dan Sorkin---- KSFO radio personality and one of the "good guys" in and era when there were too many to count

I founded Stumps'R Us because I saw the need for an organization of amputees that would share success stories of how they coped and did so with humor and courage. The one lesson we all learned was that we were not alone.

How did I lose my leg? In 1964, I stupidly took a perfectly good motorcycle off the highway at 100+ mph (I was working as a Disc Jockey for KSFO Radio Station at the time) and broke my back and almost every bone in my body. My left leg was pulverized, and the surgeons didn't have much success in fixing it. When I learned they wanted to experiment by taking bone grafts from other parts of my body, I asked to have the offending limb removed so that I could get on with my life.

This after 5 months in the hospital.

The doctors refused to amputate my leg, although they could give me no assurances that grafting would give me anything more than a poor excuse for a partially working limb. Dr. Ernest Burgess, a Seattle surgeon who was performing battlefield amputations, agreed to remove my leg. Dr. Burgess is the inventor of the Prosthetic Seattle Foot.

I never regretted the decision.

I went on to earn a certified instrument flight instructor's certificate and a commercial license and eventually was hired on as a corporate pilot. I flew for the corporation for 15 years, became chief pilot and retired in 1989, when I founded Stumps 'R Us. In my spare time, I teach computer technology to retirees in Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. I am married, 78 years old and my wife thinks I'm cute.

Stumps'R Us meets monthly in the Bay Area. Members include a couple of double amputees and above-the-hip amputees. One, Brian Wilson, rollerblades; another, Waymon Todd, plays golf once a week with no handicap! Alan Fisk, a quad amputee, is our athletic director! And Mike Penketh is a double-hand amputee; he built an aerobatic aircraft with his myoelectric hands and flies in professional aerobatic competition. Mike flies daily out of the Nut Tree, California, airport.

It isn't easy, but what good thing in life is?

If you’d like to join and meet others with the same or similar disability, send your name and address (e-mail and U.S. Postal address) to DanSorkin@comcast.net mail to: DanSorkin@comcast.net . I will send you news of our next get-together, a current issue of our newsletter ('GIMPY'), a pamphlet about who we are and what we do and an application for membership.

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Frank Dill


Frank is now retired from radio and can be found on golf courses all over. Frank is also writing a golf BLOG on the KNBR website called "The 19th Hole" (click on Franks picture above to go to his BLOG).

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Ginny Prior

Ginny was best known as Gene Nelson's young sidekick and morning newscaster (along with co-anchor Dave Henderson) in the 1980's and early 90's. She gelled with Gene because of her midwest sensibilities (both Gene and Ginny hail from the Dakotas) and got along with Dave because he shared her motto: "If it's news, it's news to us!" Ginny can be heard with Ron Barr and Charlie Coane each week on the adventure travel show "Out and About", which airs on Sirius Satellite Radio and Sports Byline USA.

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Jim Lange

Veteran radio and television personality, Jim Lange is a native of St. Paul, Minnesota and began his extensive broadcasting career in high school by winning a contest. First prize netted him a job as sports reporter and disc jockey on a local Twin Cities radio station. Lange was awarded a Chick Evans scholarship and decided to study radio and television speech at the University of Minnesota. After a three-year stint as an officer in the United States Marine Corps, Lange headed west for a job as an all-night disc jockey at KGO in San Francisco where he was proclaimed the "All-Nite Mayor" by the city government. Lange moved across town to KSFO and remained there for 23 years as a radio personality and sports announcer.

Lange began his television career in 1962 on "The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show" for ABC-TV. In I965, he began what was to last 17 years as host of the "Dating Game," again for ABC-TV and later in the syndicated version. "The Dating Game" boosted Lange to a new height of national popularity and he emerged as one of the top television game show personalities.

In 1990, Lange started to host the morning show at KFRC in San Francisco. Jim is now retired and you can find him a Golf Course.....somewhere

Hap's comment: Over the years, I did the traffic reports for Jim when he'd fill in for Sherwood. He always had a quick, funny comment and I really had to be alert to have an answer.

Jim----We all want to be able to hear you somewhere. Radio is not the same without you.

Please find a job.

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Lon Simmons

Giants Announcer KSFO - San Francisco
Lon was the voice of the Giants up until just recently. His favorite way of calling a Home Run, was "Tell it goodbye."

When Sherwood and I invaded Stockton, Lon did the On-The-Scene coverage. He covered our landing at the Stockton airport, the "troops" moving into the downtown area, the actual signing of the "surrender", and "giving" of the city of Stockton to the conquering "heroes" -
Field Marshall Sherwood and General Harper.

Lon, you made the "raid on Stockton" sound so real, I had a hard time remembering it was all in fun. To this day, I think that Don and I own Stockton. ( Since Don is no longer "with us," I guess it is all mine. ) ( Now if I could just find that "Official signed SURRENDER." ) They did surrender, didn't they?

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Mike Cleary

You can hear Mike now if you are in the South Bay or Monterey area.
Tune in KIDD RADIO - Magic 63 - 630 AM on your dial

Mike would be hard-pressed to come up with a list of hobbies or favorite recreational activities, because he has already managed to fit most of them into his professional lives.

Mike spent almost forty years working in Bay Area radio. 30 of those were at NBC-owned KNBR where he co-hosted the station's popular morning show with Frank Dill.

Today, he does a weekday morning show for the Monterey Bay area on KIDD Radio. Mike also takes enough notes on his myriad adventures to write a twice-monthly travel column that appears in the Monterey Herald, Santa Cruz Sentinel, the Hills papers of the Contra Costa Times and the Sonoma Index-Tribune. His wife, Mary Ann, meantime, puts her talents as a muralist to work. Her murals adorn several Bay Area restaurants, spas, shops and private homes and wine cellars.

The Clearys also host two to three cruises a year aboard the ships of Crystal Cruises.

Both are avid runners who regularly run half-marathons. Describing their pace as leisurely, the two admit that the best part of running is the dining afterwards.

They are the parents of two daughters, Kelly and Amanda.



We all miss the skits you did with Frank every morning.....particularly, O'Bradley - O'Bradley. They were so funny and I'd be laughing so hard, that I had to put my plane on auto-pilot. Flying was impossible and until I recovered. We all miss the fun and many, many laughs. Everyone, me too, we all thank you for putting a smile on our face to start the day. Those were the days when radio was real fun..... and a lot of great memories. That other guy, "Old what's-his-name" was good too. Let's do it all over again.

Go to OLD FUN RADIO to hear some of the Frank and Mike fun.


P.S. .......Hey Mike.....Jan and I will join you on one of your cruises.

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Ronnie Schell

Ronnie Schell- one of the best comedians and a great guy.

You must go to Palm Desert to see Ronnie in the "Senior Class"

Jan and I flew to Palm Springs and drove over to Palm Desert to see this play. It was well worth the trip.....we had many......many laughs as did everone attending. It is really a very funny musical comedy......A MUST SEE! We are going back in February to see it again.....with friends. Yes, it is that good. If you go, you'll really like it. It IS worth the trip to Palm Desert to see Ronnie in the "Senior Class"

Ronnie was one of Don Sherwood's best friends and he had the ability to always make Don laugh.......he could make something funny out of nothing. They had many adventures together and there was never a dull moment.

I was one of the "lucky ones" who once in a while, was invited to have breakfast with Don at the Fairmont after his show. It was at one of these breakfasts that I met Ronnie for the first time. He had us all in "stitches"--- what a treat. ( I had a "wild" drive to get there after my traffic flight. )

There was one time at Harrah's Lake Tahoe.........I was having breakfast with my family and had just finished telling my kids that I knew Ronnie Schell who was doing a show at the Lake. They both said.......Yeah dad..... come on..... total disbelief. Just then a voice said, Hap, what are you doing up here. I looked up as Ronnie walked over........made my kids instant believer's. What a great era.......let's do it all over again.

If you get a chance....catch a Ronnie Schell show.


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Russ Hodges

Giants Announcer KSFO - San Francisco
(in memory of)

Russ made "bye bye baby" the only way to "Call" a home run, and everyone can still hear him. Just thinking about it brings back exciting memories.

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