Hap's Old Fun Raido

Radio Clips

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"Sounds of the City" | Duration: 00:01:10 | File Size: 692 KB

KSFO - Station identifier. Although the station used shortened
versions, here we play it in it's entirety. Enjoy!

"Superfrog" | Duration: 00:03:07 | File Size: 3.5 MB

KSFO - Carter B. Smith as Super Frog
Don Sherwood as Polly Wog

This was one of the well known "Superfrog" sketches.

"A Tribute to Don Sherwood" | Duration: 00:06:53 | File Size: 3.9 MB

KSFO - Hap was one of many interviews on KSFO during an all day listener call in tribute to Don. The station suspended all programing devoting the whole day in memory of Don.

"Iomega Bernouli Box commercials"
#1 | Duration: 4:25 | File size: 2.6 MB
#2 | Duration: 5:17 | File size: 6 MB

KSFO - Gene Nelson and Hap Harper

These were legitimate, one minute commercials. The advertiser called Hap, and after a short conversation, realized neither Gene nor Hap had any computer knowlege what-so-ever. The only script for Hap to use was the name of the two stores, that the product was called an Iomega Bernouli Box, that this was a storage device for "Floppy Discs," and, he was instructed, to "have fun."

"Old Goats Club" | Duration: 00:02:11 | File Size: 2.5 MB

KSFO - Gene Nelson and Hap Harper
Gene Nelson signs a prank certificate making Hap a Lifetime Member of "The Old Goats Club."

"Man on the Street"
#1 | Duration: 2:24 | File size: 2.7 MB
#2 | Duration: 3:50 | File size: 2.2 MB

KSFO - Don Sherwood and Jack Carney

Don Sherwood and Jack Carney try to get a good recording session of a "Man on the Street" commercial.

"Sniffing the cork" | Duration: 1:52 | File size: 332 KB
"O Bradley valentines" | Duration: 2:00 | File size: 357 KB
"Mike Cleary as Sam Cratchet" | Duration: 4:26 | File size: 4151 KB

KNBR - Mike Cleary and Frank Dill
Mike's special reports with Frank Dill were some of the funniest bits on radio. See if you can listen without laughing.

"Animal Imprinting" | Duration: 00:02:56 | File Size: 1.7 MB

KSFO - Don Sherwood and Hap Harper
Don jokes with Hap during Hap's Traffic Report.

"Shootout" | Duration: 00:02:11 | File Size: 2.5 MB

KNBR - Frank Dill and Hap Harper
Hap "Stalls" for time to give Frank a chance to get the Machine Gun sound effect tapes.

"Jose Jimenez" | Duration: 00:08:44 | File Size: 10 MB

KSFO - Jose Jimenez ( Bill Dana ) 11/22/1960

Hap's guest on the Traffic/Weather flight was Jose Jimenez. Sherwood has no idea that Jose was in the airplane and what followed, was all spontaneous. Hap claims this was his very best Trafffic/Weather flight. Listen to the fun.

"A Frank Dill Farewell" | Duration: 00:22:28 | File Size: 21 MB

Memories of a morning man with excerts of wonderful moments and memories from some very special friends and colleagues. His laugh warmed our mornings for over three decades. His memory will be with us always.

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